Our Story 


A young Italian immigrant, left Italy in search of opportunity. He not only found opportunity, he found love, success and his forever future...

Charity, was born in Rhode Island to her mother Cassandra and father Lorenzo Comella, a first generation American Italian from Rhode Island. Charity grew up in Temecula, moving here in 1981. 
In 2000, an Italian immigrant, Alessandro "Alex" Prestifilippo moved to Temecula after being in the states (Orange County, CA) for 4 years. Alex opened his first restaurant in America in 2000. That restaurant is Gourmet Italia, a world renowned restaurant in Temecula. 
Alex and Charity met at Gourmet Italia in 2001 and fell in love immediately. They married February 2002. Alex's daughter, Mimi would be excited to hear that her brother, Luca would be born to her Papa` and new "bonus" mom in November that year. Her second brother, Logan, would be born July, 2005! 

A year after Logan was born, Spuntino was born! The concept was inspired by a place in Providence, Rhode Island called Venda Ravioli! 

When Spuntino opened, it was a deli, grocery, pizzeria... in that order. As the years past, the desire of the customers changed to PIZZERIA, DELI, BAR! We serve the finest quality imported Italian products, recipes and menu!

Spuntino brought the first real wood burning Italian Pizza Oven to the Temecula Valley. 

In 2013 The Bar Next Door was introduced! 

The Prestifilippo family also own Bottega Italia in Old Town Temecula, Poggio Leano Wine/Vineyards, growing their own grapes in De Luz, Temecula and Poggio Leano Suites in Piazza Armerina, Sicily, Italy. 

Along with their businesses, Charity is the Founder and President of Charity for Charity, a local wish fulfilling organization. 

Mimi is currently living in Sicily with her love Ivan, raising their son Carlo and will be managing the new Poggio Leano Donnaluccata beach villa, Luca is studying business at Chapman University and Logan is a student and football player at Temecula Valley High School.

Italy meets America,

The Prestifilippo Family Story...